Meet Mina Anapo, Director of Market Development for Di Bella Coffee

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Meet Mina Anapo, Director of Market Development for Di Bella Coffee

Mina is the Director of Market Development for Di Bella Coffee. Having worked in the business for 9 years, Mina has been a key driver in the development of the company having worked with in all areas of the business, from retailing to wholesaling as well as the distribution, production and administration. She is responsible to drive the strategic growth of business through the Market Development and Marketing teams.

1. If you were to describe Di Bella Coffee in 5 words or less, what would you say?
The Ultimate Coffee Experience

Some of our team members said:
– Hadi NSW BDM: Dedicated to deliver on the promise of quality, consistent coffee and
fantastic service, every time (sorry more than 5 words).
– Dan NSW Acct Mgr Passionate precision meets consistency
– Chrissie QLD Acct Mgr: Inspiring and passionate company
– Michael TAS Acct Mgr: Determined to deliver amazing coffee
– Steve SA BDM: Consistent reliable fresh coffee

2. What is a success story that you have helped a customer (cafe) with this last week?

Some of our team members said:
– Hadi NSW BDM: Perseverance with getting a customer across the line with a green
bean order, and helping CaliPres launch their cold brew coffee
– Dan NSW Acct Mgr: Teaching a certain barista to make coffee from scratch
(couldn’t hold a milk jug properly) and now being able to make coffee at a very high
level. I use these stories to inspire baristas and owners on a regular basis.
– Chrissie QLD Acct Mgr: Helped Raw Space for an hour and half because his Barista
resigned the night before and he had nobody else
– Michael TAS Acct Mgr: street stall promo at mojo music
– Steve SA BDM: Moved a customer to Paul’s milk saving them money and increasing
the quality of the coffee

3. What has been your hardest lesson or the biggest challenge in the business?
Fast growth has been the hardest challenge – this in itself is great but causes operational, financial and staffing pressures. We are an adaptable company that has been able to evolve through growth without losing sight of our vision. However this is and has been one our biggest challenges.

4. Best Marketing tip?
Tell a story so compelling that the customer chooses you!

5. What 3 books really helped define you?

1. Winning
2. Blue Ocean Strategy
3. Ubuntu

6. Best new cafe?

– Hadi NSW BDM 3 Williams in Redfern
– Dan NSW Acct Mgr: Brewtown, Newtown
– Chrissie QLD Acct Mgr: The Café – Brisbane airport
– Michael TAS Acct Mgr: Tamar River café
– Steve SA BDM: Do Duck Inn cafe

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