10 Questions for a Purpose Driven Brand

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  • time March 31, 2014

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10 Questions for a Purpose Driven Brand

Behind every successful brand is reason for being there. It is the why you are in business. We have collated some of the core questions one needs to ask themselves when developing their brand.


  1. Does my branding have a clear purpose?
  2. Is my branding purpose relevant? Is the idea based upon something that drives purchases, where the role of the brand is strong and can deliver?
  3. Is the purpose distinct? Is the branding capable of differentiating itself from competitors and gaining market share in the process?
  4. Are you happy about your audience base? Do you want to expand your base?
  5. Why do your employees come to work? And why do customers choose you?
  6. How are you making the world better?
  7. What is the purpose of your branding, does it go beyond the product or service that you offer, does it speak to “the why” of your branding and its offer?
  8. Is your branding consistent in its message across all of your customers touch points?
  9. Where do you see your brand in two, five and ten years?
  10. What areas are you excelling in? Which areas can you improve?



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