Meet Graham Hill, Partner LEA Group

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Meet Graham Hill, Partner LEA Group

Graham is specialist in leadership training, working with CEO’s to develop both their leadership and the organisation’s leaders. In particular in leadership development, team performance, and strategic planning of business. He challenges leaders and organisations to think differently about how they engage and develop their people, and how they shape their organisational culture for greater success.

1. If you were to describe LEA Group in 5 words or less, what would you say?
Creating leaders and leading organisations

2. What is a success story that you have helped a client with this last week?
A client who is a CEO has a focus on higher performance to be at the leading edge of his market. He is achieving targets, enjoying his role, and well respected by his team. His challenge is ‘what do I do differently to achieve higher performance?’ By gathering and analysing feedback from his team of senior managers it became clear he is contributing too much to their success. Due to his innate skill with business and in leading people, he is unconsciously doing that bit extra for them, and they aren’t fully feeling the heat of their role. My task was to surface this issue, help him develop different leadership behaviours, and plan how to do these consistently.

3. What has been your hardest lesson or the biggest challenge in the business?
In LEA Group, our role is to create the environment where leaders discover the best possible solution themselves and then we support them to implement their new approaches. My hardest lesson has been to realise that I can’t contribute these solutions myself, even when it appears obvious; my role is to facilitate the learning and discovery of others, which always produces a better outcome.

4. What 3 books really helped define you professionally?
Good to Great, Crucial Conversations, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

5. Favourite restaurant?
Aqualinea at Teneriffe

6. How do you do your coffee? 
Flat white, and extra hot!

Graham Hill

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