Interview: Simon White CEO AICC

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  • time May 30, 2014

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Interview: Simon White CEO AICC

1. In 5 words or less, what does the AICC do? Brisbane’s premier business networking chamber, with an accent on Israel Trade.

2. What do you love about AICC? The engagement with Brisbane’s best businesses.

3. What has been your hardest lesson or the biggest challenge in the business? Keeping people interested when there are so many challenges in the business environment.

4. Who have been influential role models or mentors to you? Its not about the who, its about what they do & don’t do… I tend to follow peoples actions, good and bad, rather than 1 or 2 specific people.

5. You’ve accomplished a great deal in your career… going forward, what aspirations or dreams do you have? What else would you like to accomplish? I want to ensure that as people grow their businesses, they also continue to see the need to help grow other people at the same time.

6. In terms of your own leadership effectiveness and how you spend your time… what things would you like to do less of, and what activities do you wish you could spend more time on? I think I would like to spend more timing listening and learning and less time doing… less reaction more premonition…

7. What’s the best vacation you ever took? South African Game Parks… nothing is better than seeing the big five, live!

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