Interview: Daniel Argent Urban Property

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  • time May 19, 2014

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Interview: Daniel Argent Urban Property

We meet up with Daniel Argent from award winning Urban Property Agents who provide a seamless real estate experience with unsurpassed service and quality who really redefine real estate excellence. Lets see what they’ve been getting up to:

1. You’ve managed to stand out of the real estate crowd, what are some of the things that make those differences really excel from the others?
As new age real estate agents, we have fully embraced modern ways to advertise our listings to buyers all around the world. Online marketing gives us access to a larger pool of buyers, for a fraction of the cost of newspaper advertising, which has a much smaller reach. In addition to this, we always go the extra mile with our clients to ensure their buying or selling experience is as enjoyable as possible.

2. The real estate industry has been through some tough times of late but your agency has been growing, how do you do it?
As the real estate market started to slow, many agents were slow to react, and continued selling properties the same way they were during the boom. Being an independent agency, our dynamic approach allowed us to quickly adapt to the market conditions and change our marketing strategies. Specifically, during the boom, auctions were the best way to sell however when the market down turned, the clearance rate plummeted. We found private treaty was a better way to sell, and our market share grew as people in the area saw our successes. Now that the market has started to pick up, we have increased our auction business, and have a 100% clearance rate this month, and 94.5% YTD.

3. What do you enjoy doing to relax in your free time?
I like to take our dogs for a walk, go to the gym, watch movies, eat out, catch up with friends, and go scuba diving when I get the chance.

4. You were the no.1 real estate agent in Queensland a few years ago and this year you were a finalist for best new agency. How do you keep doing it?
Consistency is the key. I’ve seen so many agents over the years come and go but the ones that really do well long term are those that consistently perform over a long period of time. Of course customer service is paramount too as we are in a service industry, and people are trusting you with their biggest asset. I learned very early on in my career that, sadly, it’s very easy to stand out in this industry.

5. Is there a piece of advice that has stuck with you, that drives you?
The only thing between where you are and where you want to be… is you!

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